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My climate non-story

By LiAnne Yu

Last week, I attended the 42nd Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Al Gore was our main instructor, spending hours each day helping us get familiar with his presentation, made famous by the film, An Inconvenient Truth. As trained leaders ourselves as well,


Writing as an act of revolution

By Iván Ríos Gascón


Art is a political act by nature. As society’s highest expression of culture and aesthetics, art exalts dream and thought, grace and virtue but it is not indifferent to barbarism, injustice, and suffering. Artistic creation is a sudden impulse or perhaps a lightning bolt of illumination but it is also an answer to individual or collective tragedy when it arises from a profound reflection of our being and the world we live in.


Where are the women in STEM?

By Eva Garces


Let’s talk about the gender disproportion of the scientific workforce. According to the Census Bureau’s 2009 American Community Survey, women comprise 48% of the American workforce but only make up 24% of those in STEM fields. It’s apparent that something is deterring women from the math and science fields,


We need Hillary Clinton

By Fanny Diehl


It is high time for the Democratic Party to give thanks and praise to Hillary Clinton for her heartfelt campaign for president.  I am losing patience with people saying that she was lackluster, not liberal enough, had too much baggage, etc.  This assessment is put forward not only by the Republicans but by some of our own—including Bernie Sanders.