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Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint

By Iris Fluellen

The bad guys and these are really bad guys, are in charge now, but maybe they were always in power. Now they are drunk with it and think they have won. We’ve had a couple of victories the past couple of days with the departure of that lying Russian loving, cretin Michael Flynn and horrible Punzer. The media has finally woken up and has decided to do its job and call them on their lies. “Scary Anne ConJob” is being ‘banned from the news programs. These days, we’ll take a win however it comes.

Remember, this a marathon, not sprint. We are gong to take a lot of hits. We already have. “Gobsmacked” is a word I have used more than once to describe the last twenty or so days. I know, it feels like twenty years. So read your blogs, sign your petitions, call your representatives, form your groups, march. Resist. Our society depends on it. This is no time for complacency. But as I say this, please also remember this and don’t read blogs all of the time. Step away from Twitter, FaceBook on occasion.

Watch a dumb movie, binge watch your favorite television shows. Cook, sew, dance. Play with your kids, remind them of the beauty of compassion and caring. Love your friends. Make love. Make art. Please make art. Creativity thrives in times of trouble. Take a risk and smile at a stranger in this ever- changing city.


Sometimes people will smile back, always a gift. Don’t get into a fight on FaceBook with someone you disagree with. Un-friend them or just leave them be. Trust me on that one.


Throw a party. Make lots of good food to soothe the soul.


Voldermort will implode by his own hand or through some other divine intervention. As will that horrific Bannon and that scary Stephen Miller. Whoa! What a hateful, pathetic specimen he is in this confederacy and given the tenor of this regime, confederacy is the operative word, in this confederacy of scary and dangerous dunces. I know it’s not karmically or psychically healthy to wish bad stuff on our fellow humans, but to quote my hero and truth teller, Charles Blow, columnist for the New York Times, “This is not normal.” These are uncertain and scary times, probably the understatement of the ages.


But as we resist, however and whatever that means, we most hold on to the hope that somehow and someway, we will prevail. I repeat, hold on. You are not alone. There is still love and lot of it in this world. Remember that. Do what you can to save your soul, sanity. You need it to fight the power.

About the writer

Iris Fluellen is a Bay Area native and San Francisco resident whose claim to fame is she has lived in the 415 area code her entire life.

In addition to her commitment to philanthropy, she is a strong believer in the arts being the catalyst to touch the creative spirit that lies within all of us. In her spare time, Iris writes about her observations about politics and relationships between the sexes. Movies, reading, cooking, traveling and taking dance clasese are almost as important to her as her two cats, Carrie and Samantha.


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